Press release: Vonpende Holdings P.L.C.

American documentary photographer Dorothea Lange, said that “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”. True to its corporate social responsibility values, Vonpende Holdings P.L.C  was once more the proud sponsor of the 2nd photography competition organised by Kinanis LLC. This years’ theme was In & out, and the competition attracted 132 stunning entries from 33 photographers.

The committee of judges consisted of Christalla Kyriacou, BAA, MVA, Freelance Photographer, Lecturer, Giorgos Hadjipieris, Composer, Music Producer, Amateur Photographer and Christos Kinanis, Advocate, Amateur Photographer, who selflessly devoted time, expertise and knowledge in the selection process of the winning photographs.

“The artistic and philanthropic character of the competition renders it rather unique so Vonpende is delighted to be supporting it once again this year” Stella Koukounis, mentioned earlier, representing the Board of Vonpende Holdings P.L.C. “Photography enthusiasts are urged to support the event by acquiring the exclusive catalogue showcasing outstanding talent,” Stella added. The catalogue is available to purchase at €5.  All proceeds of the competition will be donated to Παγκύπριος Σύνδεσμος Σπάνιων Γενετικών Παθήσεων Μοναδικά Χαμόγελα.

In addition to the exhibition, which will be taking place from 27th November 2020 until 12th December 2020, the photographs will also be available for online bidding at

Enticing and thought-provoking is the winning photo of Mr Supratim Das of Kanchrapara, India, entitled ‘’Dive and Seek’’–proud-sponsor-of-the-2nd-photography-competition-organised-by-kinanis-llc

The 2nd photography competition which was sponsored by Vonpende Holdings P.L.C, was featured on Gold News, InBusiness and Cyprus-mail.–proud-sponsor-of-the-2nd-photography-competition-organised-by-kinanis-llc